Sunstrand fibers are compatible with thermoset and thermoplastic sheet and bulk molding compounds, as well as infusion processes. Our goal is to provide products that are drop-in replacements for glass fibers.



A woody perennial grass that tends to grow in tropical and sub-tropical regions is now becoming widely used for residential landscaping purposes with whole nurseries dedicated to the growth and cultivation of bamboo. Requiring almost no pesticides, fertilizers or additional watering, bamboo cane can grow and be harvested without the need to be replanted. There are over 1,000 species of bamboo that grow in either a running single stemmed line or a densely clumped bush.

Where most structural applications utilize the entire cane, Sunstrand’s proprietary fiber extraction method allows single fibers to be utilized in composite applications.

Bamboo Fiber

Product CodeAverage LengthCommon Uses
FB0030.125 inchshort compounding fibers
FB0060.25 inchshort compounding fibers
FB0301-3 inchesshort compounding fibers, spray-up, air lay, wet lay
FB1003-4 inchesspray-up, air lay, wet lay, (not recommended for spinning)