With its profile on the rise in the U.S., hemp, the oldest multipurpose bast fiber plant is gaining a large amount of interest in the composite industry.



Hemp varieties each have their own properties in terms of color and fiber quality lending to its designation for which it will be used. Currently, industrial hemp varieties produce little to no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and are mainly used for the cultivation of fiber and oil, with the woody core being underutilized.

Hemp has effectively been banned since 1945, but is now legal to grow within the United States. Sunstrand is implementing the multi-use properties of industrial hemp with the rigorous requirements of the composites industry with endless possibilities.

Hemp Hurd

Product CodeAverage Particle SizeCommon Uses
HH0083878 µmconcrete applications, animal bedding
HH0301047 µmspill kits, large compunding filler
HH060605 µmmedium compounding filler
HH99914.46 µmmicron filler

Hemp Fiber

Product CodeAverage LengthCommon Uses
FH0060.25 inchshort fiber compounding
FH0303-4 inchesnon-woven, air lay, wet lay
FH1506 inchlong technical fibers, non-wovents, cloths, spinning
FH9506 inchlong to short fibers, paper grade, 20-30% hurd content