Sunstrand fibers are compatible with thermoset and thermoplastic sheet and bulk molding compounds, as well as infusion processes. Our goal is to provide products that are drop-in replacements for glass fibers.



Originally utilized for the manufacturing of paper for different industries, kenaf is ready to be used in composite applications. Kenaf used to be a large cash crop in the Southeast region of the US and highly prized for its uniform quality of hurd found within the stem. This yields a great paper product, or possible filler for composite applications.

Kenaf Hurd

Product CodeAverage Particle SizeCommon Uses
HK0083878 µmconcrete applications, animal bedding
HK0301047 µmspill kits, large compunding filler
HK060605 µmmedium compounding filler
HK99914.46 µmmicron filler

Kenaf Fiber

Product CodeAverage LengthCommon Uses
FK0060.25 inchshort fiber compounding
FK0303-4 inchesnon-woven, air lay, wet lay
FK1506 inchlong technical fibers, non-wovents, cloths, spinning
FK9506 inchlong to short fibers, paper grade, 20-30% hurd content