Sunstrand fibers are compatible with thermoset and thermoplastic sheet and bulk molding compounds, as well as infusion processes. Our goal is to provide products that are drop-in replacements for glass fibers.

Other Materials

Other Materials


While Sunstrand’s main focus is on domestically grown plants for use a feedstocks we can also support customers’ needs by suppling importer materials. For instance, we can import jute from Asia or agave from Latin America. These materials can be processed and beneficiated at our facility in the US.


Do you have a particular biomaterial you want to work with? Perhaps it is a waste stream from another business unit or partner. The development team at Sunstrand will work with you modify the resource until it is compatible in the appropriate application. For instance, have an interest in using waste distillers grains from a Bourbon distillery in your next plastic packaging solution? We can help source the raw material and provide processing services to make it compatible with the end use.