Kentucky-based biomaterials processor Awarded $150k Research Grant

LOUISVILLE, KY — Sunstrand Co., a Kentucky-based biomaterials processor, has been awarded a $150,000 research grant to help further the 2-year-old company’s development of natural fibers products.

In particular, Sunstrand is evaluating a novel line of natural fiber mats for acoustic and thermal applications. The grant, from the National Science Foundation, is aimed at helping companies like Sunstrand advance and promote their technologies.

The NSF opened the competitive application process back in 2013 and announced that as many as 50 grants could be available each year.

Sunstrand converts hemp and similar agricultural feedstocks into fibers and fillers that are compatible with plastics and other applications. The company’s natural fiber technology is being evaluated by many OEMs and upstream manufacturers.

“Our natural fibers are expected to improve noise absorption properties while also reducing costs over several current product lines,” Sunstrand CEO Trey Riddle said.

Riddle also said his firm will use the grant money to research the application of Sunstrand products in automotive, appliance, building materials and other sectors.