Sunstrand to roll out new products at Greenbuild Expo

LOUISVILLE, KY – Sunstrand is excited to introduce two of its newest eco-friendly products at next week’s Greenbuild International Conference and Expo.

Sunstrand founder Trey Riddle said his three-year-old company officially will roll out its CoreBoard and Natural Fiber Insulation at the event in Boston, his company’s first appearance at the annual event.

“CoreBoard is a rapidly renewable hardboard alternative to wood-based products,” Riddle said. “It can be used as a furniture substrate or architectural accent piece; wall covering or wall sheathing.”

Riddle added that his team will have samples of the CoreBoard at the Expo.

“It’s also aesthetically pleasing,” he said about the CoreBoard. “There’s a lot of interest in how it looks.”

The Natural Fiber Insulation is another new product that Sunstrand has developed this year.

Aside from the eco-friendly aspect, Riddle said it is also superior to glass fiber insulation because it doesn’t irritate the skin.

“Both the CoreBoard and Natural Fiber Insulation are ready for presale,” he said, adding that he’ll also have samples of the products on display next week.

Riddle said Sunstrand will introduce yet another new product at CAMX in Orlando in December.

Sunstrand converts bamboo, hemp and similar agricultural feedstocks into fibers and fillers that are compatible with plastics and other applications. The company operates out of multiple facilities in Louisville, Ky., and Alberta, Canada.