Sunstrand to Unveil Spray-Up System at CAMX

LOUISVILLE, KY – Fresh off its visit to Boston’s popular Greenbuild Expo, where Sunstrand introduced its CoreBoard and Natural Fiber Insulation, Sunstrand has announced it will unveil yet another innovation at the annual CAMX event this month: The Sunstrand Spray-Up System.

Chopped glass spray-up is a common composite construction technique used in everything from shower stalls to luxury yachts. Until now, this technique required excessive glass material to achieve desired strength and stiffness. Sunstrand has solved this problem by developing a spray-up system that easily allows users to introduce natural materials into their existing spray-up process.

“For the first time, you can use natural materials in this application,” Sunstrand CEO Dr. Trey Riddle said. “We developed a machine that easily bolts on to an existing chopped glass spray-up system.”

The Sunstrand Spray-Up System allows for a natural and sustainable approach to manufacturing, and it also has considerable performance advantages.

“The natural material is used for light-weighting and bulking to ultimately increase stiffness and lower part density,” Riddle said, adding that the system replaces virgin glass fiber and allows for different texture and color options.

Riddle added that the idea of using biomaterials to bolster some products — bathtubs, swimming pools, storage tanks, etc. — was a no-brainer, but perfecting the technique was the challenge.

“A piece of it was just being able to introduce a renewable system,” he said. “Interesting engineering opportunities allowed us to increase stiffness while reducing weight and cost.”

Riddle said the Sunstrand Spray-Up System will be in Orlando for CAMX conference attendees to see.

“We’ll also have some product samples with us and we’ll share some of our data,” Riddle said.

Click here to watch a demonstration of the Sunstrand Spray-Up system in action.

Sunstrand converts bamboo, hemp and similar agricultural feedstocks into fibers and fillers that are compatible with plastics and other applications. The company operates out of multiple facilities in Louisville, Ky., and Alberta, Canada.