Bringing Sustainability to the Aloha State

Robert Masters at HFUU
Represented by Robert and Mary Jo Masters, Sunstrand introduces a new era of sustainable material solutions to Hawaii.

Hawaii Farmers Union United’s 8th Annual Convention

Over the weekend, local farmers and supporters of Hawaii’s agricultural community gathered together for the 8th annual Hawaii Farmers Union United Convention.

The three-day event featured presentations from innovators like Scott Enright, the director of HDOA, and Doug Fine, an author and national hemp entrepreneur pushing to educate the nation on the potential of industrial hemp.

Represented by Robert and Mary Jo Masters of 808 Building Supplies and Solutions, Sunstrand made its first appearance at the convention. Discussions of farming techniques, potential applications, and the future of sustainable building materials were commonly heard buzzing around the booth.

Interest in Industrial Hemp Continues to Increase

“It seems as though many farmers want to grow hemp in Hawaii and are hungry to learn”, Robert noted in reference to his experience over the weekend.

With the potential of legalizing hemp farming at the federal level this year (as a result of the Farm Bill of 2018), many potential growers are seeking information on the advantages and disadvantages of growing the once popular cash crop.

Local politicians echoed this enthusiasm. Each hopes to see widespread success in growing the crop on the islands; providing an economic stimulus to the local agricultural community and introducing a competitive addition to traditional crop rotations for farmers that call Hawaii home.

Accompanying this support for industrial hemp, another popular topic of discussion was the renowned Nelson House. A home built by retired NBA coach Don Nelson on the island of Maui. The house is the first of its kind in Hawaii and utilizes Hempcrete as the main material in the home’s walls; providing the home with a pest resistant, mold resistant and fire resistant exterior. More about Hempcrete can be found Here.

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