Hempcrete: The Future of Green Building

Hempcrete Wall
A composite wall made from Hemp and Lime

In today’s world of constantly evolving technology, a clear focus on sustainability has emerged. The hunt for the innovative ways to reduce emissions, improve efficiency, and fight the use of hazardous materials is growing. Luckily, the search for this innovative solution ends with a process that has existed for thousands of years.

What is Hempcrete?

Hempcrete is a fiber-reinforced material made from a combination of hemp hurd and lime. This combination results in a bio-composite material that is lighter and more flexible than concrete, but still has the structural integrity and thermal properties ideal for use in non-load bearing construction projects and as insulation.

What are the Benefits of Hempcrete?

The benefits of Hempcrete start from the time the hemp is planted in the field. As the plant grows, it removes carbon from the atmosphere in the form of CO2 and stores it away. Once mixed with lime, this carbon is sequestered inside the building’s walls potentially removing 165 kg of carbon per 1 m^3 of Hempcrete.

Walls made from the material increase the acoustic resistance of the building, allowing less sound from the exterior to penetrate into the building. The walls also allow for efficient temperature regulation thanks to its thermal mass. While the material is breathable, which improves humidity regulation; it holds a consistent temperature which will help cut down on heating and cooling costs.

Hempcrete is impervious to pests, mold resistant, fire resistant, and less toxic than traditional building materials such as fiberglass insulation. Making it ideal for individuals who have to take into consideration family members that are hyper-sensitive to certain chemicals and construction companies looking for ways to reduce the hazards their employees are exposed too.

How can you purchase Hemp for Hempcrete?

Until recently, those looking to purchase hemp for use in construction materials had to pursue overseas options. Now thanks to recent legislative efforts, you can source Hemp Hurd directly in the United States. If you are searching for a quality supply of American hemp hurd to start your own Hempcrete project contact Sunstrand at 502-415-8505 or fill out our contact form Here.