Natural Fiber Insulation Testimonial: Garrick S.

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A few months ago, we had a soft launch for our Natural Fiber Insulation. One of our customers, Garrick, was moving into his new house at the time and wanted to try something more sustainable and less toxic. After he installed the insulation, we asked if he would like to share a few thoughts about his experience.

How did it feel to handle the material compared to traditional fiberglass insulation?

It was much better than the fiberglass insulation, as it is not itchy or toxic.  The batts fit perfectly between the standard studs.  I pretty much always prefer a natural feel over a synthetic one, so this was nice.

Did you experience any skin irritation while handling our material?

I didn’t experience any skin irritation from handling it, though breathing in the dust may have irritated my nose slightly.  I wore a mask that helped with that, too.

What made you consider looking for alternative insulation?

I am drawn to natural and sustainable materials over synthetic and especially drawn to the use of hemp, which my research shows to be a very pragmatic solution to many of today’s problems.  I actually first learned of Sunstrand from an article about the legalization of hemp put forth by Senator Mitch McConnell.

Have you noticed a difference in performance?

…  Since the installation of it, the temperature of the place has been very stable and much more comfortable.  The walls helped, and we still have the loft ceiling to finish, so once that is finished, I am sure it will stabilize the temperature even more.  There are some vents by the upper ceiling that allow air to pass – until the ceiling (wood boards) are installed, some outside air will get in.  We are very happy with the performance of it, as it has practically never been uncomfortable since installation.

What do you like about our material?

I really like that the material is made with domestic-grown hemp and other natural fibers.  I also like that it fits nicely between the studs.  It smells alright to me, and my girlfriend says it smells like good cookies!  I can also cut and shape it pretty easily.

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