Southern Hemp Expo Review

Farmers from around the region came out in force at this year’s Southern Hemp Expo

Southern Hemp Expo
Farmers and Innovators visit the Southern Hemp Expo of 2018.

With positive signs of progress for industrial hemp legalization appearing in the recent news; Local farmers from Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, and the surrounding states sought out information on whether or not the new potential cash crop would show promise in providing them a viable alternative to their traditional crop rotations.

The plant’s resilient properties and different varieties gave multiple options forward for the farming community. Topics such as farm acreage; location, existing equipment, and plant application were discussed throughout the exposition and could be heard during several of the Educational and Business panels presented at this year’s event.

An Environmentally minded path forward

Innovative professionals from numerous industries also made an appearance in hopes of discovering new ways to incorporate the versatile plant’s properties into their existing products. The hot topic of environmental sustainability was on top of many minds, with the potential of significantly reducing the use of plastics throughout the nation’s industries being a key feature of the rapidly renewable crop.

Booths representing Industrial applications, medicinal products, food applications, and farming equipment provided information to the constant flow of hopeful innovators and consumers.

Presentations by Sunstrand

Sunstrand was represented on Friday and Saturday, with presentations by both Vice President Adam Block and Agricultural Development Director Shane Ball.

Southern Hemp Expo
Friday’s panel featuring Vice President Adam Block discussed topics focused on hemp processing and manufacturing in 2018.
Southern Hemp Expo
Saturday’s panel featuring Agricultural Development Director Shane Ball discussed Value Added and the Basics for Processing and Testing.

A Weekend of Education and Industry Exploration

During the two day exhibition, educational panels and presentations were prepared by industry professionals and researchers over a broad range of hemp topics. The topics included the use of hemp in building material, using hemp as animal feed, hemp in textiles, and the history of hemp in the United States and Kentucky.

You can learn more about the speakers on the Southern Hemp Expo website Here.

Progress on the Horizon

It was clear throughout both days that there is an elevated level of excitement for the potential of Hemp becoming once again an American industrial staple. Farmers, Innovators, Investors, Doctors, and consumers see a bright path forward for the cash crop. Its federal legalization will be a boost to both rural and industrial communities around the nation.

If you are considering the introduction of hemp into one of your existing product or if are a farmer looking for information on growing hemp contact Sunstrand at 502-415-8505 or fill out our contact page Here.