March Hemp Industry Update

growing hempAs the first official year of federally legal hemp production quickly moves forward, 2019 is shaping up to be a historic year for both the agricultural community and those that fought tirelessly for the legalization of industrial hemp.

With convention season already upon us, and new information coming out daily regarding the hemp industry, It can be tough to keep track of important updates and news. Listed below are some important notes and upcoming events to keep an eye on!

USDA Hemp Production Program Update

Perhaps one of the most important things to keep an eye on this coming month comes from the United States Department of Agriculture.

Released on February 27th, the Dept. of Ag. sent out a press release outlining the path forward for industrial hemp production regulations and the current status of the rulemaking process.

Currently in the information gathering stage of their own rulemaking process, the department’s press release briefly touched on how the general outline for which State and Tribe regulation procedures and information gathering processes needs to be structured.

States and tribes will need to set forth a process that includes; tracking land to be used for planting; crop testing; effective disposal of plants and products; compliance with law enforcement; annual inspections; submission of information to USDA; and certification that resources and personnel are available to carry out the practices and procedures described above

While these plans do not need to be submitted until the federal regulations are in place, submissions can still be made and the USDA will hold those submissions until their own regulations are finalized. Once these regulations are complete, the USDA plans to review submitted plans within 60 days after their own regulations take effect, so getting plans submitted early could help those hoping to get confirmed as soon as possible.

For States and Tribes that do not have an approved plan to monitor and regulate industrial hemp production, the USDA plans to issue regulations this coming Fall that will accommodate the 2020 hemp planting season. This rulemaking process will include a published proposed rule, a comment period to discuss the regulations, and a final rule.

The 2019 Planting Season

In regards to this year’s hemp season, the 2018 Farm Bill allows States, Tribes, and Educational Institutions to operate under the 2014 Farm Bill. Additional information on these regulations can be found HERE. ***These regulations will expire 12 months after the USDA established the plan/regulations required un the 2018 Farm Bill.

Industrial Hemp Production Listening Session

A Farm Bill listening session will take place on March 13, 2019. Anyone interested in tuning in to this session will be able to in the form of a webinar. The details of that webinar will be released shortly, keep an eye on the USDA Facebook page for more immediate updates.

For more information on the commercial production of hemp, check out the USDA marketing program page. There you can find more specific details on the upcoming regulations and links to a Hemp program Q&A, the 2014 and 2018 Farm Bills, and additional relevant information sources.

Get Ready for NOCO 2019!!!

noco logoThe largest industrial hemp event of the year is just around the corner! Get ready for two days filled with information from industry leading professionals and innovations from every corner of the hemp industry. The exposition takes place March 29th-30th from 10 am to 6 pm at the Crown Plaza Denver Convention Center.

Boasting the most comprehensive range of hemp industry professionals under one roof, this years event will be even more special considering the new federally legalized status for industrial hemp. Expect to see a large turnout of attendees from both the agricultural community, as farmers continuously search for new information on this new crop option; as well and innovators across a wide range of industries that look forward to utilizing the plant’s versatile potential.

For more information on the event including ticket purchasing, hotel recommendations, among other details please visit the link below!