Natural Fiber Insulation Testimonial: Kathryn M.

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A few months ago, we had a soft launch for our Natural Fiber Insulation. One of our customers, Kathryn, was renovating her cottage and wanted to try something more sustainable and less toxic. After she installed the insulation, we asked if she would like to share a few thoughts about her experience.

For what was the Natural Fiber Insulation used?

I recently became the owner of a lovely cottage. The cottage is approximately 350 sq. ft. We installed two layers of the insulation; if the attic had been deeper, we would have installed three layers. Given the history of lack of air movement in the attic, we decided more air movement was important. The whole process only took about four hours.

How was the installation process?

The installation was very easy. It’s moveable with one person, but I had people to help me. They really liked it because the insulation wasn’t nearly as itchy as the stuff they’re used to. My favorite part was just after everything had been installed. I loved sitting in the space at this time because the rooms had such a wonderful smell. It smelled like wind in a wheat field. My family had a 2000 acre wheat field when I was a very small child, so this insulation smell brought my early childhood memories. Even when the painted sheetrock covered the insulation the fresh smell of the insulation remained. It is a much better smell than when the fiberglass insulation is used, the dominate insulation currently used everywhere in California.

natural insulationHave you shown anyone the Natural Fiber Insulation?

For several weeks I kept some of the red bags open, so my neighbors could come by to see, feel, and smell the insulation inside. My neighbors told me that there were a huge number of people who stopped to look at the insulation. I am still hearing from many that touching and smelling it was an entirely new experience for them. Many are still talking about this experience and continue to thank me. The day it was announced on my Nextdoor neighborhood outreach organization, we were given “the top announcement of the day!”


What is your favorite part about the Natural Fiber Insulation?

I love the insulation, but especially the smell and feel! The smell is pretty much gone now that everything has been installed and covered, but I loved it. As for performance, it keeps my house just as warm as the pink insulation, but I really like that it’s made with natural materials. And the guys who helped me install it really liked that they didn’t have to worry about glass pieces in their hands and arms. I just really like it.


For more information about Sunstrand’s Natural Fiber Insulation, check out our product page linked below!


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