Hemp has long been used for animal bedding, over wood and paper-based products. Hemp is the most common horse bedding in Europe by weight and is now gaining popularity in the United States. We make hemp animal bedding from the inner, woody core of the plant. Hemp core is absorbent and porous, and has an absorbency rate of 400%, two times that of pine shavings. Core also has antimicrobial properties, which control odor by reducing mold and ammonia buildup. One of its most attractive characteristics is its low dust property. Because of this, hemp is often used for animals with dust allergies and/or respiratory problems. Across Europe, especially in Germany, horses with various allergies are exclusively given hemp bedding to enhance their quality of life. Hemp also composts faster than pine and straw and leaves a less acidic byproduct.

-Absorbs four times its weight, 2x that of pine
-Low dust properties
-Reduces odor and ammonia buildup
-Composts faster and is less acidic than pine shavings, pellets, and straw
-Low-density and cushioned for comfort
-High thermal rating