Sunstrand’s filler and reinforcement products can be used in a wide array of plastics. These bio-materials can be used it generally reduce plastic content providing unsurpassed opportunities to “green up” products. Our products are compatible with compression and injection molding processes. Usage of these materials can improve manufacturer and consumer carbon footprint. There are virtually unlimited applications for plastics which contain bio-fillers including consumer goods such as home, electronics, garden and cooking utensils.

Consumer materials are also referred to as bioplastics. Typically, this term is used to describe plastics that are biodegradable and made predominately from renewable resources. Green plastics are the focus of an emerging industry focused on making convenient living consistent with environmental stability. Like all plastics, bioplastics are composed of a polymer, combined with plasticizers and additives, and processed using extrusion or thermosetting. In general, there are three key metrics for defining a plastic as green:

  1. Biodegradable
  2. Consisting of renewable ingredients
  3. Processed in an environmentally friendly manner

Sunstrand is promoting the shift toward the use of green plastics by ensuring the availability of raw materials. While Green plastics can be made using polymers that come from agricultural and marine feedstocks they can also be filled directly with these materials.