The sporting industry is usually one of the first places to adopt new materials and technologies. Composites, in particular, found a home early on in sporting goods. Many of these markets are actively looking for performance enhancements, and lightweight composites with high strength and stiffness are very attractive. With Sunstrand’s product offering, now the sporting industry has an opportunity to provide eco-friendly performance materials to their customers.

It seems only natural for the recreation industry to make the move toward green products.

Natural fiber composites can provide excellent damping and impact properties. These materials provide less weight and more performance in a sustainable way. In other words, sporting products using our bio-fillers have outstanding stiffness-to-weight ratio combined with excellent damage tolerance and a low carbon footprint.

There are a variety of opportunities for bio-materials in sporting and recreational equipment a few of them include:

  • Surf and stand-up paddle boards
  • Boat cabins, hulls, and accessories
  • Bike frames and cowlings
  • Skis and snowboards
  • Sports equipment
  • Lightweight camping accessories