Sunstrand is the preeminent supplier of sustainable materials in North America, devoting ourselves to furthering the use of environmentally friendly material in new and innovative applications.

Founded in the summer of 2014 in Louisville, Kentucky; Sunstrand first set out to meet the needs of a budding sustainable materials industry by providing bamboo biomaterials and processing services. Since then, Sunstrand has worked extensively with a variety of natural feedstocks including hemp, kenaf, flax, bamboo, and jute. Today, we have three facilities: one in Louisville, KY; Milton, KY; and Alberta, Canada; with one on the way in the Carolinas.

Our proprietary production processes ensure product consistency and our cutting-edge surface modification chemistries yield fibers that are compatible with most major resin and manufacturing techniques. Each of our sustainable materials is currently used as reinforcements and fillers for the plastic and polymer composite industries, and our vertical products have applications in the construction, automotive, electronic, and recreation industries.

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Sunstrand is a proud member of the Center for Bioplastics & Biocomposites. The Center for Bioplastics and Biocomposites (CB2) is a National Science Foundation Industry & University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC) that focuses on developing high-value biobased products from agricultural and forestry feedstocks.

Sunstrand is a proud member of the Hemp Industries Association. The Hemp Industries Association (HIA) is a non-profit trade association representing businesses, farmers, researchers and investors working with industrial hemp. Hemp is one of our planet’s most important natural resources, and we advocate using it to its full potential.

Sunstrand is a proud member of the Plastics Industry Association. The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS), formerly SPI, is a purpose-driven organization here to support the entire plastics supply chain. We believe in advancing sustainability and being a good steward of resources. We believe in promoting plastics manufacturing.

Sunstrand is a proud member of the Kentucky Hemp Industries Association. The KYHIA represents the hemp industry while encouraging the research and development of hemp products throughout the bluegrass state. We strive to be the leading educational and advocacy outlet for hemp in Kentucky, while promoting Kentucky hemp products and brands.

Sunstrand is a proud member of Greater Louisville Inc. As the region’s largest convener of business leadership, GLI leads economic and global outreach strategies focused on business attraction, nurtures the entrepreneurial eco-system, and champions the development of our community’s talent base.

Sunstrand is a member of Kentucky Proud. Buying local products strengthens our local economy by keeping dollars at home and building a sense of community in the process. Kentucky Proud is an investment in Kentucky’s land, people, and its future.