Mission: Sunstrand is dedicated to furthering the usage of sustainable materials in new and innovative applications. We are the preeminent supplier of natural fibers reinforcements and fillers for the plastic and polymer composite industries. Our proprietary production processes ensure product consistency and our cutting edge surface functionalization chemistries yield fibers that are compatible with most major resin and manufacturing techniques.



Sunstrand is currently seeking a multifaceted engineer to plan and maintain projects and see that deliverables are fulfilled when required. We are looking for a candidate who has shown ability to:

  • Develop experimental and production methods that can be scaled up for manufacturing purposes
  • Contribute to the design, development, commercialization of new products and existing product line documentation.
  • Provide direction and motivation to technician team to adhere to project guidelines and see that tasks are done correctly.
  • Work with sensitive lab equipment and just as comfortable in a loud industrial space
  • Minimum physical requirements to perform some duties and responsibilities will be required, willing and able to push a broom when needed.

Required Qualifications

  • B.S. in Materials or Chemical Engineering
  • Experience in project/experiment design, implementation, testing and reporting of material characterization
  • Experience in research work conducting literature reviews to build knowledge base and relay information to a team.
  • Experience with MS Word, Excel, Project, Powerpoint
  • Very organized with an attention to detail, can work with a small team and lead tasks if need be, with minimal supervision
  • Self-motivated, comes to work with a great attitude ready to work

Preferred Qualifications

  • Some experience in composite hardware layup/assembly
  • Basic knowledge in polymer chemistry and subsequent laboratory testing
  • Experience in lab management, understanding of proper safety guidelines


The Sunstrand Commercial Coordinator provides commercial focus, accountability and customer connection for the business. The Commercial Coordinator is accountable to drive profitable top line growth by emphasizing teamwork and accountability from the customer back across all our commercial product transactions. The Commercial Coordinator is accountable for developing a structure that delivers the growth strategy of the Sundstrand business. Direct accountability for all sales related functions and for the development of a Business Development strategy that aligns sales activities and supports company growth, and operational goals. The position reports to the General Manager.


1.   Sales – Customers

The Commercial Coordinator will lead by learning and gaining insight into Sunstrand customers’ needs. The coordinator will establish what is necessary for customer success by understanding, and promoting the differential value that our current and future products, programs and processes deliver to the customer. The Commercial Coordinator will coordinate needed technical services and communicate specific customers’ needs. The Commercial Coordinator drives results by commercial coaching, customer communications, sales skills, negotiation skills, business acumen, teamwork, technical knowledge and product knowledge to support our customer at every level.


  • Frequency and quality of customer visits/interactions
  • Achievement of customer action plans, inspired through the Customer Discovery process and beyond
  • Sales revenue from new and existing products
  • Gross Margin

 2.   Developing Strategy

The Commercial Coordinator works with the General Manager to develop sales, marketing and new business development strategies that will ensure the profitable growth and success of our customers and. This position analyzes and defines the actions to achieve corporate goals in the short and long term. The Commercial Coordinator provides the following insights specific to the sales strategy as input to the overall business strategy:

  • Economic impacts
  • Competitor intel
  • Customer and market needs
  • Market and industry trends
  • The un-met needs of customers and the market as identified by the organization and the resultant opportunity for the business.
  • An understanding of the competition which identifies competitive advantages, disadvantages and company strengths and weaknesses (understanding of why the customer is buying from the competition).


  • Revenue growth goal
  • Operating margin goal

3.   Executing Strategy

  • Emphasizes, continually, commercial productivity and managing the business by the numbers.
  • Organizes and inspires the commercial organization and other broader business teams that interact with sales and new product development to deliver the strategic objectives and supporting goals.
  • Communicates with all major customers so that our customers know our strategic plans, how to position for market conditions, and build trust and operating integrity in our business relationships.
  • Demonstrates ability to design selling programs, with an outside-in perspective, to drive Sunstrand and customer profitability.
  • Works with the General Manager to ensure all selling initiatives and strategy are cost effective and manages sales activities to budget.
  • Proposes business development initiatives and structure (acquisitions, external partnerships, internal resources) to accelerate plan achievement.

4.   Directing Commercial Business Operations

  • Develops in house sales processes and systems for handling customer requests, tracking progress, forecasting needs that are tied to each products supply and providing on time feedback from Sunstrand to customer as needed.
  • Monitors market data and customer feedback to collect and synthesize changes in market conditions and/or competitive behavior.
  • Leads and manages the forecasting process and provides input for pricing decisions.


  • Sales performance to plan
  • Continuous improvement and realization of non-financial goals
  • Customer action plans implementation

Job Requirements


  • Demonstrated business acumen in sales, marketing, product development and working with technical services.
  • Marketing and selling new products and services; attracting new customers .
  • Demonstrated ability to replicate success quickly
  • Understanding of new business development process, product development process and the innovation process necessary for attaining diversification and growth objectives.

 Knowledge and Skills

  • Demonstrated technical ability – thinking, managing.
  • Demonstrated ability to
    • Develop an intimate knowledge of customers, competition, and the market.
    • Develop new business and products.
    • Develop a functional operating plan
    • Travel required
  • Strong business and financial acumen with demonstrated analytical ability accompanied by superior presentation skills.
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in business, engineering, marketing or other related field.

Abilities and Personal Characteristics

  • Highly motivated and results driven
  • Conducts himself/herself with the highest ethical and moral standards.
  • Intelligent, creative, analytical.
  • Forward thinking. The ability to motivate, lead by example, and encourage teamwork and effective communication.
  • Makes decisions and commits to a course of action with appropriate information and recognizes uncertainty of success; weighs and manages risk in decision making; able to make decisions detrimental to a few but helpful to many.
  • Behaves in a mature and appropriate manner. Shows good judgment, does not allow feeling or biases to distract reasoning, does not rationalize failures.
  • Freely states opinions and feelings. Expresses him/her self directly and candidly.

Preferred Experience

Sales and marketing in one or more of the following industries

  • Automotive suppliers
  • Nonwovens
  • Glass, synthetic or carbon fibers
  • Polymer composites
  • Plastics and plastic fillers
  • Bulk materials
  • Building materials

Job Description

This is a line operator position for first or second shift depending on the company needs. This position will operate various plant equipment to produce finished products. Training will be provided, but any production experience will be an asset. The operator will start-up, monitor, and shut down the line operation. There is bulk and small bag packaging as well as palletizing. There is also product sampling for quality.

Mechanical aptitude will be a benefit in understanding, running, and adjusting the equipment. The ability to keep a neat, clean, and safe work environment is important.

The operator position is a key part of our company success. This position interacts with company operators, managers, and engineers in a very positive and engaging atmosphere.

Position Skills/Experience

  • Some production experience
  • Fork lift/pallet jack experience is a plus
  • Mechanical aptitude
  • Ability to lift and palletize 25 lb bags
  • Understanding and use of basic hand tools is an asset
  • Basic writing skills to fill out production logs, inventories, etc.

Other Key Skills/Abilities

  • Good communicator
  • Basic math understanding
  • Mechanical experience a plus
  • Dependable and enjoy a positive work environment
  • Flexible in learning new skills
  • Safety minded

Job description

This is a general industrial maintenance position. The position will maintain, repair, and replace plant equipment as needed. Equipment includes fans, conveyors, separation equipment, processing equipment, pumps, rotary valves, sifters, mills, etc. Routine preventative maintenance such as lubrication, adjustments, alignment, and calibrations; will also be performed. Ability to plan and organize daily and long-term is important.

This maintenance position will interact with various mechanical contractors (sometimes directing and checking work). It is also a growth position into a potential maintenance manager role. This is primarily a first shift position, but could also have some shift work and on-call depending on the needs of the company. Some overtime may be required.

Maintenance Skills/Experience

  • General mechanical aptitude and skills working on equipment
  • Use of cutting, drilling, and grinding tools
  • Welding and soldering
  • Pipefitting
  • Electrical experience a plus
  • Experience moving and rigging equipment a plus
  • Forklift experience

Other Key Skills/Abilities

  • Good communicator
  • Problem solving and analytical skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Team player
  • Flexibility
  • A good listener
  • Show up every day with the willingness to learn and work
  • Safety minded

About the Company

Sunstrand is on track to become the leading supplier of biomaterials for the technical non-wovens industry, with goals aimed towards creating a more sustainable composites industry. We are proud to be the only operational industrial bast fiber processor in the United States and are excited to expand our portfolio of products and services to provide for this very young industry.

Sunstrand is an Equal Opportunity Employer – All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, protected veteran status, or disability status.

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