Mission: Sunstrand is dedicated to furthering the usage of sustainable materials in new and innovative applications. We are the preeminent supplier of natural fibers reinforcements and fillers for the plastic and polymer composite industries. Our proprietary production processes ensure product consistency and our cutting edge surface functionalization chemistries yield fibers that are compatible with most major resin and manufacturing techniques.


Pricing depends on material type and specifications. Contact us for estimates.
Processed fiber is packaged in 150lb bales and thus sold in 150lb increments. Hurd/core/shive byproducts are packaged in super sacks ranging from 300-500lbs and sold in full sacks. Shipping costs vary by location—contact us for quotes.

See our “Applications” page on the Sunstrand website.

Our fibers can be cut in lengths ranging from ¼-inch up to 6 inches.
Our filler products can range in size from ½-inch down to about 200 microns.
Typically, the lead time for all products, with the exception of bamboo, is about 2 weeks. Bamboo products have a lead time of about 4 weeks.
Yes. Both the appearance and performance of kenaf core are very similar to hemp hurd.
Hemp, kenaf, and flax fiber all have similar weights and are our lightest products.
Bamboo fiber exhibits the highest strength and stiffness qualities.
  • Natural fibers are 100% biodegradable.
  • The stiffness of natural fiber is comparable to that of synthetic fibers.
  • Lightweight properties aid in weight reduction for many technical applications.
  • In many cases, replacing synthetic fibers with natural fibers results in overall cost reduction.