Sourcing, farming, transportation, quality assurance, processing, additional processing, delivery…all Sunstrand.

Your Supply Chain Solution

Sunstrand is unique in that it controls the entire supply chain, from seed to natural material. We work directly with farmers in our community to grow crops such as hemp, kenaf, and flax. Sunstrand supplies these crop seeds to our farmers, ensuring that the raw materials will meet our high standards. Once the farmers have harvested, we move the crops to our large industrial facilities, where we process them into natural materials. Often, we further process these natural materials to meet consistency and stability specifications. We are not simply a raw materials company, but a sustainable supply chain solution for you.

The origins of a company’s products used to be pretty murky. Now, consumers, governments, and companies themselves demand to know the details of the systems that deliver the goods. Quality, safety, ethics, environmental impact, and agricultural supports are integral to Sunstrand’s mission. That’s why we are deeply interested in addressing new threats and opportunities that stem from the supply chain.

The Supply Story

At Sunstrand, our supply chain is completely transparent and a source of pride. Sunstrand contracts our farmers to grow seeds for our feedstocks, and then redistributes those seeds to farmers for mature crops. We control and track every movement and growth stage of our feedstocks, creating data such as yield quantity, soil health, and CO2 offset that we leverage to improve our products and social impact. We share that same data with all of our partners so that their sustainability goals can be accomplished as well.

Once our crops are mature, we directly transport them to our state-of-the-art processing facilities to produce the sustainable bulk raw materials and specialty products that we are known for. We process every crop to our high standard, with careful quality assurance conducted regularly. The meticulous nature of our supply chain management allows our partners to be as informed as we are.

Similarly, we perform secondary and tertiary processing in-house, meeting whatever specifications our partners desire. Finally, wherever our materials are going, Western Kentucky or Uruguay, we manage the entire process and ensure that our partners receive their sustainable materials in a timely and efficient manner, minimizing our carbon footprint.

Not only does our data-driven approach benefit our own quality, safety, durability, and reliability, but as the preeminent domestic supplier of natural materials, it also presents opportunities that our partners can exploit for continuous improvement and marketing campaigns. We know every step our materials take in their ethical, sustainable journey to consumers, and we want to share that story.