The global pet industry is at an all-time high, with sales reaching over US $100 Billion for the first time. While consumer demands for sustainable products have not eluded the pet industry, many products still lack sustainable innovation. That’s where we come in, Sunstrand provides a rapidly renewable alternative to wood, straw, and paper-based beddings.

A Sustainable Pet Bedding Solution

The highly absorbent, light-weight core material of Hemp, Kenaf, and Flax are ideal for pet bedding applications. The resiliency and durability of the material allow for longer usage before replacement and prevents the core pieces from deteriorating after initial absorption.

Pest and mold resistant

The natural pest resistant properties of bast core materials help control ammonia smells, preventing the attraction of flys and other irritating pests from pestering your animals. The inherent ability to properly regulate moisture levels prevents mold and mildew from forming, creating a more clean environment for your furry friends.

Keep your pet happy and healthy

The low dust content of hemp, kenaf, and flax core material reduces occurences of respiratory and eye irritation. Making it the ideal bedding material for sensitive burrowing animals.

An allergy friendly alternative

Does your animal struggle with allergy issues? Sunstrand’s hemp hurd is naturally hypoallergenic and low-dust, providing relief to pets that continuously suffer from allergic reactions caused by traditional bedding material.