Currently, industries around the world rely on pulp resources produced using primarily timber feedstocks. While recent efforts have successfully increased the use of recycled pulp fibers, the potential to move further away from environmentally damaging deforestation practices can be accomplished by leveraging the rapidly-renewable hemp plant.

Ideal for absorbent applications

The fibers of pulped hemp retain the resiliency of the unprocessed plant along with the natural absorbency the plant possesses. This makes Sunstrand’s hemp pulp a great fit for applications like absorbent pads, mats, paper towels,

Reduce the use of slow growing timber sources

One acre of hemp grown in 90 days can produce a similar amount of fiber as timber grown for 5 years. Opening a sustainable path forward, allowing us to preserve precious forest habitats and prevent future deforestation.

Bleaching services also available

Our environmentally friendly bleaching process eliminates the use of chlorine and utilizes a more eco-friendly hydrogen peroxide-based process. Ensuring that Sunstrand’s non-wood pulp adheres to the Sunstainable standards we strive to achieve every day.

Interested in learning more?

Sunstrand specializes in pulping natural materials like our hemp, flax, and kenaf but also provides pulping services upon request. If you would like more information, please head over the contact page linked below and submit an inquiry to get in contact with a member of our team!

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