Sunstrand is committed to making everyday products sustainable, and promoting the care and conscience for the environment. Thus, we are constantly innovating and developing new solutions to do our part to make the world more sustainable. We offer raw materials, specialty products, and services, providing whatever resources and expertise our customers require to further their own sustainability mission. Sunstrand’s raw materials make everyday items sustainable, and are accompanied by our SUNstainability Promise.

Our raw materials include hemp, flax, kenaf, and bamboo. We can also offer special materials like sisal and jute by request. We offer these natural materials with your supply chain in mind. Anything we can to help you save money and create a better, more sustainable product. These materials are offered in the form of their core/hurd and in the form of their fiber. They are also offered in a variety of cuts and lengths to meet your ideal specifications.

We also offer specialty products like our Natural Fiber Insulation, CoreBoard, Natural Fiber House Wrap, and a Bio-Material Spray-Up Unit. These products are ready for use and are great for a range of customers, from consumers to manufacturers. All our products were made with the idea that a more sustainable world is not only possible, but easily accessible.

We take this idea bring it into our services, as well. We understand that this is an industry with a lot of questions. Those questions are welcomed at Sunstrand – we will help you find your answers. We offer consultation, materials characterization, mechanical processing, pulping, and surface treatment. Just as it was with our natural materials, we can also specialize a service to fit your needs.

If you are interested in or have any questions regarding our products or services, contact us. We’d be happy to chat.