Sunstrand’s core values of sustainability, performance, and innovation compel us to identify and design environmentally friendly alternatives to synthetic and unsustainable products and manufacturing processes. After thoughtful analysis into various industries by our innovative R&D department, we have designed the following selection of sustainable products to redefine the way we build our homes and manufacture open-molding products.

Natural Fiber Insulation

A sustainable, non-toxic blend of hemp and kenaf fibers designed to replace environmentally harmful synthetic insulation options like Fiberglass. With an R-Value of 13 and a salt-based fire retardant treatment; our natural insulation can reduce pests, prevent mold development, and effectively regulate internal temperatures.

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Hemp Coreboard

Our light-weight coreboard is made of a combination of natural hemp hurd and a sugar-based binder. Currently intended for aesthetic and sound dampening applications, our hemp coreboards are well suited for applications currently filled by standard hobby boards and building projects that need sound dampening layers under internal walls.

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Bio-Material Spray-Up System

Designed by Sunstrand to augment traditional glass fiber spray-up systems, our bio-material spray-up unit allows manufacturers to easily integrate our sustainable materials into open-molding applications. Making your product more environmentally friendly without significantly changing your normal manufacturing processes.

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