Sunstrand’s core values of sustainablilty, performance, innovation, and social impact are evident in each and every one of our product lines. After thoughtful analysis into various industries and thanks to an innovative R&D department, we have designed our sustainable products with the goal of improving on already-existing goods.

Sunstrand Natural CoreBoard is a premier building material, ideal for decorative and mild structural needs such as furniture and aesthetic wall cladding.

Sunstrand Natural Fiber Insulation is a sustainable replacement for synthetic insulation, sporting equivalent R-values and other key characteristics.

Sunstrand Natural Fiber House Wrap is a vapor-permeable air barrier, essential for any building project. This product is currently still under development.

Sunstrand Bio-Material Spray-up Unit is a system designed to augment the majority of commonly used chopped glass fiber spray-up machinery.

Sunstrand building materials make your home, workplace, and any building sustainable, and contribute to LEED certification.