Around the world, architects and green innovators are in the search of sustainable, non-toxic building material to replace the hazardous, chemical laden material we have grown to accept as status quo. With the help of mother nature, Sunstrand has developed a proprietary blend of Hemp and Kenaf fibers to provide a healthier alternative to traditional fiberglass insulation.

From the Farms to Family Homes

Unlike the widely used, highly-toxic fiberglass insulation that can be found in almost every home across the United States and Canada; our insulation is made from all-natural material grown by local farmers in Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Alberta, Canada. Our producer partners ensure that the plant is grown without the use of pesticides to provide a high-quality crop that can be properly processed into a material free of added hazardous chemicals.

Environmentally Friendly

The positive environmental impacts of growing the Hemp and Kenaf needed to make our Natural Fiber Insulation begin as soon as the seeds are planted. As the crops grow they absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and store it away. Once made into insulation, this carbon will be sequestered into the walls removing it from the environment for the products lifetime.

Natural Insulation vs Fiberglass

Improving Home Efficiency 

In addition to the beneficial environmental impacts that natural fiber insulation can provide, it also performs well when compared to other insulating material. Its high thermal mass helps keep the interior temperature of the building stable. Reducing the need for a constantly running air conditioning during extreme seasonal months.

Natural Fiber Insulation also reduces the growth of mold inside the walls of your home. This is attributed to the breathability of the material and the resilience of the insulation when exposed to moisture. Hemp can naturally absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture, causing it to draw out any moisture that could damage the supporting frame structure of the wall. Once the moisture is collected in the insulation, it will gradually evaporate and keep the interior of the walls dry and mold free.

Noise Reduction

The acoustic properties of the natural fiber insulation help reduce the sounds from nearby noise polluters. Making it a great option for buildings located in cities or near busy interstates and highways.

Fire Resistant

Sunstrand’s Natural Fiber Insulation is treated with a salt-based fire retardant. This treatment helps reduce the flammability of the material, but also further reduced the development of mold and mildew.

Pest Resistant

Thanks to the same properties that allow hemp to be grown without the use of pesticides, Sunstrand’s Fiber Insulation is naturally pest resistant. This resistance is improved further by the salt-based treatment discussed above.

Non-Hazardous Work Material

Unlike traditional fiberglass insulation, the need for protective equipment during transportation and installation is significantly reduced. The material can be handled without gloves and does not cause the skin, eye, and respiratory irritation associated with traditional materials.

Natural fiber InsulationNatural Fiber InsulationNatural fiber Insulation in Wall

Review of the General Properties of Sunstrand’s Natural Fiber Insulation

  • Proprietary blend of natural fibers
  • A rapidly renewable blend of natural fibers including hemp and kenaf
  • Effective acoustic properties
  • Durable and resilient tensile strength
  • Naturally breathable to help regulate moisture and humidity
  • Easy installation without skin, eye, or respiratory irritation
  • Salt-based fire-retardant treatment that also helps to reduce mold, mildew, and pests
  • Non-toxic, formaldehyde-free inert binder system (no VOC)
  • R-13 @ 3.5” thick
  • Available in 15” x 96” batts