Our natural fibers are collected from the inner bark surrounding the core of bast fiber plants like hemp, kenafFlax, and Bamboo.

The first step in this harvesting process is to strip the fiber from the core of the plant and process them into groups of single strands. For thousands of years, these flexible and resilient fibers have been used in hundreds of applications. A few of these applications include rope, textiles, absorbents, compositesnon-woven/chopped-strand mats, and insulation.

Low Density, High Strength

Combining low density and high strength, the specific stiffness and strength properties of Sunstrand’s Natural Fibers are similar to those of glass fiber. While all natural fibers exhibit lower strength and stiffness properties than glass fiber; they have almost half the density. Our unique line of Bamboo fiber also has one the lowest densities of all natural fibers.

Lower Weight than Glass Fiber

When increasing the fiber volume ratio to match modulus, composites containing natural fiber have a lower weight than comparable composites containing glass fiber.


Major Advantages of Sunstrand Natural Fiber

Increased use of natural fiber also has other unique benefits such as reduced environmental impact, decreased tool wear and several others that are listed below.

Feature Advantage Benefit
Rapid Fiber Productions Sunstrand’s proprietary manufacturing technology can be reasonably scaled to produce 4000 tons per year Plastics manufacturers are ensured a reliable supply for high volume applications
Improved Aesthetic Options Natively attractive material with limitless coloring options Increased flexibility in finishing and reduced cost for color treatments
High Stiffness Properties Capability to match composite stiffness in discontinuous systems Stiffness can be matched to glass composites with reduced weight
Light Weight Combined surface treatment to protect fibers, increase fiber-matrix adhesion and mitigate water absorption Reduced part weight compared to glass or straight plastic components
Minimal Water Absorption Combined surface treatment to protect fibers, increase fiber-matrix adhesion and mitigate water absorption Composites using Sunstrand fibers can be placed in outside environments dramatically increasing applications
Low Cost Low-cost feedstock and processing technology Manufacturers can reduce cost by as much as 10% for comparative parts

Would you like to find out more?

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