Sunstrand is dedicated to providing a dynamic range of tailored solutions to each of our customers; from large scale manufacturers to independent innovators searching for a way to create products by utilizing our sustainable material options. To achieve this initiative, our team is ready to supply your projects with material consulting, testing, processing, and application integration services.


With a diverse group of business leaders and from a wide range of industries and an engineering team specialized in sustainable material applications, Sunstrand can assist in the design and development of products which utilize our fiber and core materials and can open doors to new applications.

Material Characterization

Understand the properties of individual fibers or test a composite’s matrix-fiber interface. Allowing for full integration of our materials into your composite applications. This testing also allows Sunstrand to understand and provide specific surface treatment options that improve the compatibility of our fibers with a diverse selection of resins and polymers.

Surface Treatment

To ensure compatibility with a diverse range of polymer matrixes, Sunstrand is able to evaluate and provide surface treatment solutions to properly integrate our natural materials into your application.

Mechanical Processing

Our industry-leading extraction facilities allow us to process a diverse range of natural materials. Once extracted, we can mill, refine, and even custom blend your selected material with multiple natural fibers, carbon fibers, or glass fibers.


As part of the dynamic range of solutions available at Sunstrand, pulping is available for each of our natural materials. We also can provide small batch pulping services on a toll basis upon request.