Sunstrand has acquired experience in a variety of arenas, and are more than happy to provide consultation services to those who are just as passionate about sustainability and performance. As natural fibers are a relatively raw material and Sunstrand is developing the natural fiber industry in America, many designers and manufacturers do not have experience using these materials. Our knowledgeable Sunstrand team can assist in the design or development of products which utilize these novel materials and can open doors to new applications.

Design Tools

Material evaluations are central to Sunstrand’s mission. Analytical and empirical correlations are at the heart of our engineering, design and material evaluations processes. Structural and material systems are becoming ever more complicated as technology advances. To this end it is often imperative that designs and analytical solutions be verified through prototyping and testing. Sunstrand has a variety of tooling and test machines in house to rapidly assess a new material system or part.

Engineering and Product Development

Engineering and product development concerning natural fibers require a certain finesse that is necessary for many manufacturing companies. At Sunstrand, we are not just engineers but a team of innovators and creative solutionists with the skills and determination to see a project through to the end. Sunstrand’s team is well versed in 3D solid modeling with Solidworks. We can also provide Finite Element Analysis (Abaqus or ANSYS) to better understand design response. Let us help you design with our materials.

Sunstrand’s manufacturing center is equipped with state-of-the-art Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding (VARTM), Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), Plastic Injection Molding (PIM), and Compression Molding equipment. Our facilities and highly skilled staff are capable of manufacturing small test specimens or large components. Sunstrand’s facilities are also equipped with modern fabrication equipment to custom manufacture complex molds or prototype composite parts.