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Custom Blending



Combining low density and high strength, the specific properties of Sunstrand’s fibers are similar to glass fiber. Our unique line of Bamboo fiber also has one the lowest densities of all natural fibers.

All natural fibers exhibit lower strength and stiffness properties than glass fibers. However, with densities almost half that of glass, the specific properties are very similar. Moreover, our proprietary fiber extraction process delivers consistent, high quality fibers at the lowest possible cost.

When increasing the fiber volume ratio to match modulus, natural fiber composites actually have a lower weight than the comparable glass fiber composites. Increases in natural fiber content also have other unique benefits such as increased environmentally friendly content, reduced costs and tool wear.

Modulus of Elasticity for Discontinuous Fiber Composites (Polyester)
Composite Density of Discontinuous Fiber Composites (Polyester)

Many composites are designed based on stiffness and weight metrics. Bamboo fiber composites have specific modulus values that are very similar to glass fiber composites. This enables Bamboo fiber to be easily integrated into existing design criteria.

Specific Modulus of Discontinuous Fiber Composites (Polyester)
Stress vs Strain Comparison of Discontinuous Fiber Composites (Polyester)
Fiber Functionalization

Fiber Functionalization

Sunstrand can provide surface treatment chemistries for specific applications.

Specific fiber/matrix bonding promoter treatments are available for resin systems including:

  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene
  • Epoxy

Surface coatings are available or under development to:

  • Reduced moisture absorption
  • Flammability

There are lots of reasons to use natural fibers in your applications. Sunstrand is your source for professional service.

Rapid production of high quality fibersSunstrand’s proprietary manufacturing technology can be reasonably scaled to produce 4000 tons per yearPlastics manufacturers are ensured a reliable supply for high volume applications
Improved aesthetic optionsNatively attractive material with limitless coloring optionsIncreased flexibility in finishing and reduced cost for color treatments
High stiffness propertiesCapability to match composite stiffness in discontinuous systemsStiffness can be matched to glass composites with reduced weight
Light weightCombined surface treatment to protect fibers, increase fiber matrix adhesion and mitigate water absorptionReduced part weight compared to glass or straight plastic components
Minimal water absorptionCombined surface treatment to protect fibers, increase fiber matrix adhesion and mitigate water absorptionComposites using Sunstrand fibers can be placed in outside environments dramatically increasing applications
Low CostLow cost feedstock and processing technologyManufacturers can reduce cost by as much as 10% for comparative parts