Sunstrand’s flax material aims to redefine the way we have utilized this historic crop. With constant developments in the composite and nonwoven applications, both flax fiber and flax shive are once again finding their way into everyday goods around the world.

Flax Fiber

Used for centuries in textile applications, Flax fiber is continuing to make an impact in the 21st century. Still a staple in the textile industry, the flexible and soft natural fiber is also finding its way into modern composites and nonwovens.

Available Lengths: 6 mm - 89 mm

Applications of Flax Fiber

Flax Shive

Flax Shive is the core material separated from the stem of the flax plant during fiber extraction. Making up an average 70-85% of the flax stem; the material is lightweight and has mechanical properties that make it ideal for use as a filler or additive in composite applications.

Available in 0.15 mm to 5 mm average particle sizes

Application of Flax Shive