To achieve our mission to make everyday products more sustainable, Sunstrand provides a selection of engineered materials, sustainably focuses finished products, and a full suite of services designed to help you integrate our material into your existing applications.

Sunstrand Material

Reduce the environmental impact of your products by incorporating light-weight natural fibers and core material without changing your existing manufacturing processes.

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Sunstrand’s engineers specialize in the integration of our sustainable materials into a wide variety of manufacturing processes. If you are searching for more information on the potential of integrating our material into your products fill our the contact form linked below or call us at 502-415-8505.


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Converted products

Make your spray-up applications and construction projects more sustainable with products designed and developed by Sunstrand,

Natural Fiber Insulation

Remove toxic, environmentally damaging fiberglass by using Sunstrand’s Natural Fiber Insulation in your next construction project.

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Work with Sunstrand’s innovative engineering team to understand material characteristics, surface treatment options, and process integration potential.

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To purchase our products or submit an inquiry for more information, fill out the form on our contact us page linked below or call our office directly at 502-415-8505.

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