This system is designed to augment the majority of commonly used chopped glass fiber spray-up machinery. The system consists of a mechanized hopper/feeder, and a pneumatic delivery tube. The bio-material is used to offset some virgin glass fiber or as a core filler. It can replace a significant amount of glass fibers when fibers are used as a bulking material to increase the thickness of a composite part. It can also be used as a core filler to replace commonly used balsa and foam sheets. As a core material, it has an advantage over balsa and foam as it can easily and quickly apply core material onto complex curved geometries.

Uses and advantages of the system:

  • Utilizes Rapidly Renewable bio-based materials
  • Easily integrates onto existing spray-up systems by simply adding a bracket to the chopper gun
  • Can spray a variety of bio-media material types and sizes
  • Can be used to spray both bulking and core materials
  • Can easily build up core thickness over complex geometries or simple flat panels
  • Biomaterials are typically lower in cost than glass fiber and existing core materials
  • Biomaterials can be optimized for application
  • Biomaterials have a lower density than glass fibers and some foam core materials
  • Improves Life Cycle Assessment for increased product sustainability

Check out a video of the unit in action: