Sunstrand Natural Fiber Insulation is an all-natural, thermal insulation. Composed of a proprietary blend of locally sourced hemp fibers, it serves as an alternative to glass fiber. Natural Fiber Insulation is light-weight, easy to handle, flexible and contributes to better in-home air quality. It provides the functionality of traditional insulation without agitating the skin or toxic irritants.

General Properties of Natural Fiber Insulation

  • Proprietary blend of natural fibers
  • Effective acoustic properties
  • Rapid renewable blend of natural fibers including hemp and kenaf
  • Durable and resilient tensile strength
  • Easy installation, no itch
  • Salt-based fire retardant treatment that also helps to reduce mold, mildew and pests
  • Non-toxic, formaldehyde-free inert binder system (no VOC)
  • R-13 @ 3.5” thick
  • Available in 15” x 96” batts