We at Sunstrand dedicate ourselves to furthering the usage of sustainable materials in new and innovative applications. Our materials are rapidly renewable and a sustainable, alternative source for everyday applications. They can be reused, recycled, and are also biodegradable. Companies use our materials in such a variety of applications that we easily save trees and reduce toxins. We at Sunstrand are finding a way to make your favorite things out of materials that push sustainability and efficiency.

Sunstrand weaves together social responsibility with performance in every one of its materials and products. We are aware that our professional, social, ethical, environmental conduct, as well as our community involvement, impacts our reputation and that of our stakeholders, including clients. At every touchpoint with Sunstrand, we are dedicated to providing mutual benefits and building relationships with all stakeholders.

Our crops are grown in a variety of different climates and are some of the world’s oldest and most productive. They naturally do not require a pesticide and can keep pests away from plants even months after the crop has been harvested. They successfully grow in many different types of soil and mature in about 3-4 months. Harvested stalks then go on to have use in a variety of everyday products. Oils, foods, alcohols, animal bedding, cosmetics, milk, clothing, backpacks and even sunscreen have emerged onto the market as hot commodities. Similarly, these products have gained traction in the construction and automobile industries as well.