At Sunstrand, we are dedicated to protecting and strengthening our environment. Moving the world forward, in a direction that embraces reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable products; made from natural materials instead of plastic and other long-lasting, harmful synthetic options.

To achieve this bold mission, we have selected our feedstocks based on their rapid growth cycles, mechanical properties, and performance-enhancing potential. Ensuring an easy transition and implementation into applications that depend on an expectation of performance from its consumers.

Grown with a high standard of environmental sustainability, we employ agronomic practices that increase crop yield, reduce water needs, and remove the necessity of herbicides and pesticides.

Environmental Impacts of Sunstrand's Feedstocks

reduce CO2

Reduce Atmospheric CO2

Through carbon sequestration that occurs naturally during our feedstocks growth cycle; significant amounts of Carbon Dioxide are removed from the atmosphere.


Stop Deforestation

Our rapidly-renewable crops are ready for harvest in as little as 90 days; A significantly more sustainable source of natural fibers for composites compared to timber that will take at least 5 years to yield usable fibers.

herbicides and pesticides

Reduce the use of Herbicides and Pesticides

Feedstock’s like Hemp can be grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides thanks to their natural resistance to pests and ability to overpower weeds and other nuisance plants.

plastic on a beach

Eliminate Unsustainable Plastics

With modern compounding techniques and composite integration methods, Sunstrand sustainable material can significantly reduce the amount of plastic and non-biodegradable material in a wide variety of applications.

The SUNstainability Promise

We work closely with our community to produce the best sustainable materials out of hemp, kenaf, flax, and bamboo. We pay close attention, from seeding to harvest, to deliver consistent, high-quality products, that are rapidly-renewable and environmentally friendly.

How does SUNstainability work?

Sunstainability Flow Chart

SUNstainability represents our commitment to provide our customers with natural materials of the highest quality, the information behind their performance, and the impact our material has on the planet.  This information can then be efficiently shared by our customers in marketing material, performance claims, and product descriptions.