Sunstrand’s Impact On Agriculture

Sunstrand is passionate about going beyond business basics by serving social needs. We are devoted to our local farmers and provide them with a unique opportunity to generate revenues for environmental markets with price premiums by utilizing acres that have not been efficiently used. We also find that communities with more practitioners of sustainable agriculture have a greater capacity to mobilize community resources for local development, including more active participation in local government, and the creation of new community economic development structures and new businesses. Other agricultural benefits for the community include scenic open working landscapes, better health, environmental stewardship, reduction of greenhouse gases, sequestration of carbon, preservation of wildlife habitat, and biological diversity. We at Sunstrand believe a strong agricultural base will ensure lasting benefits to the community it serves.

Who are our farmers?

Eugene Fahey

Located in Edmonton, KY; Eugene Fahey is a 56-year-old navy veteran. He is married with four children, one a U.S. Marine. Eugene grew up farming in Kansas and then Colorado. He stopped farming but after his kids grew up, he began to miss it. He happened to come back to KY by chance and made the choice to start farming again. The Kentucky Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program started up in 2017 and Eugene decided to give growing hemp a try. Once a cattle and grain farmer, he says that hemp is “different but interesting.” He believes fiber will always have a market and encourages people to see the sustainability of hemp fiber. Eugene says he “couldn’t ask for a better partnership and is really excited to be a part of this.”

Doug Langley

Doug Langley, of Shelbyville, KY, farms more than 5,000 acres. He’s the largest producer of tobacco, corn and soybeans in Shelby County and the 2009 Kentucky Winner of the Swisher Sweets/Sunbelt Expo Southeastern Farmer of the Year Award. Langley is also the exclusive supplier of corn used by Woodford Reserve, a popular bourbon distillery.

Mason Lane Farms

Mason Lane Farm is located in Goshen, Kentucky, only 30 minutes from downtown Louisville. The farm raises over 500 acres of Corn, Soybeans, Winter Wheat and now have incorporated Industrial Hemp as a cover crop. Mason Lane currently has production of over 50 acres of hemp fiber and seed.

Runchero Farms

Runchero Farms is located in Shelbyville, KY. Tony Silvernail is the farm manager of Runchero Farms. He graduated from Michigan State 25 years ago with a biochemistry degree. While working at Kentucky State, he was a hemp skeptic because he believed there was no market for it; however, he now sees how much this market has grown. Today, he sees the market as viable for organic growth and is learning to grow the best hemp for production. Tony is all organic and 700 of 1020 acres of Runchero Farms will go organic.  Tony enjoys working with Sunstrand and appreciates that we supply him the seed to grow our hemp.

Interested in farming with us?

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