SUNstainability: (n) Highest quality of sustainable materials on Planet Earth

SUNstainable: (adj) A value of quality measurement and social impact for sustainable materials

SUNstain: (v) to be the standard of excellence for a bio-materials supply chain – to use a leading method of sourcing and use resources so they are not depleted or permanently damaged

The SUNstainability Promise

We work closely with our community to procure the best sustainable materials including hemp, kenaf, flax, and bamboo. We pay close attention, from seeding to harvest. This attentivity always deliver consistent, high-quality products, that are rapidly-renewable and environmentally friendly.

How Does it Work?

SUNstainability is a commitment to provide our customers with natural materials of the highest quality, the information behind their performance, and the impact to people and planet. This information may be leveraged by our customers for marketing purposes, performance claims, or product description.