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Our sustainable materials make everyday objects environmentally friendly and more efficient

Consumer Materials
Sunstrand fibers can be used as a filler or reinforcement agent in many different thermoset and thermoplastic systems.
Sporting and Recreation Equipment
The high stiffness, damping properties and low weight of natural fibers make them ideal for sporting good applications.
Huge opportunities for manufacturing automotive parts with natural fibers.
Building Materials
Natural fibers provide a sustainable alternative to many building materials.
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From seed to fiber, our engineers and farming partners are advancing biomaterial innovation

Our engineers, scientists, and technicians are dedicated to furthering the usage of sustainable materials in new and innovative applications.

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We work closely with our farming community to procure the best materials. From seeds to harvest, we pay close attention so we always deliver consistent, high-quality products.

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Sunstrand Sustainability Promise

We work closely with our farming community to procure the best bio-materials including, hemp, kenaf, flax and bamboo. From seeds to harvest, we pay close attention so that we always deliver consistent, high-quality products, that are rapidly renewable and environmentally friendly. replacements for glass fibers.

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Natural fibers are rapidly renewable and available alternative source of material for a wide range of applications.

Sunstrand fibers are compatible with thermoset and thermoplastic sheet and bulk molding compounds, as well as infusion processes. Our goal is to provide products that are drop-in replacements for glass fibers.

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Converted Products

Sunstrand’s core values of sustainablilty, performance, innovation, and social impact are evident in each and every one of our product lines. After thoughtful analysis into various industries and thanks to an innovative R&D department, we have designed our products with the goal of improving on already-existing goods.

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Sunstrand provides tailored solutions for each of our customers. In addition to our raw materials and specialty products, Sunstrand is the foremost thought leader in sustainable materials. Through our engineering and innovation, we enable our customers to integrate our material into their existing and developing products.

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Supply Chain

Sunstrand provides a complete supply chain solution for sustainable materials. From seed to harvest, our dedicated team ensures quality feedstocks and processed products. No matter the industry, we are prepared to handle your unique needs.

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March Hemp Industry Update

As the first official year of federally legal hemp production quickly moves forward, 2019 is shaping up to be a historic year for both the…

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